REDD+ Assistants trained in data collection for Drivers of deforestation study

REDD+ Assistants trained in data collection for Drivers of deforestation study

07 October 2016 - 09 October 2016

From October 7th until October 9th 2016, the National Consultants Rachelle Bong A Jan and Karin Lachmising organized a 3-day inception workshop combined with a training to share information with the REDD+ assistants of the NIMOS/ PMU REDD+ concerning the DDFDB+ assignment and concomitant duties under Task 4, and to strengthen the capacities of the representatives from five Tribal tribes (Saamaka, Matawai, Kwinti, Aluku, Ndyuka) and 3 Indigenous Peoples (Trio, Wayana and Caraib), who are bundled in a collective called the REDD+ Assistant Collective (RAC).

This inception workshop/training was conducted by the national consultant team as part of services to be rendered under Task 4-“Local community perceptions and vision for forest”- of the DDFDB+ study “Multi-perspective analysis of drivers of deforestation, forest degradation and barriers to REDD+ activities”. 

One of the specific aims of Task 4 is to, in collaboration with the REDD+ Assistants, perform an analysis of local community perceptions related to the use and history of forests near their villages, and the drivers and barriers to REDD+ activities. To encourage ownership among the REDD+ Assistants, design of the survey for data collection was to be carried out in close cooperation with the REDD+ Assistants, hence the organization of the workshop/training from 7-9 October. 

Additionally, the workshop/training was facilitated to train the REDD+ assistants on how to conduct the survey in their villages, and in conjunction with the survey training, build capacity of the REDD+ Assistants in data collection methods using ODK software for tablets/smartphones and participatory scenario development.