Workshop Nationale sateliet land monitoringssysteem

14 november 2016

Collecting data related to forest cover change and forest carbon stocks, is one activity to be realized to establish a National Forest Monitoring System.

In the national REDD+ program of Suriname, the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control (SBB) is responsible for the FRL/FREL and the design of the NFMS. To strengthen the national collaboration, and to guarantee an efficient and adequate establishment of the NFMS, SBB  is planning to lead the process of centralizing all forest related data, in a close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders.  

Within this process, an open source database will be created, allowing the stakeholder to add in their data. The data will be accessible for the broad public by a NFMS-geoportal, allowing for some more restricted access to some more sensitive data.

Last month an expert of the FAO, Inge Jonckheere, visited Suriname to meet with all stakeholders and explain the concept of the geoportal. During different meetings she also facilitated collaborations between the different institutions.

A key outcome of these meetings was that the geoportal needs to contain more than just forest data. It should become a national portal with all relevant data for Suriname. This database is of great national importance and should be hosted here in Suriname.

In order to do this, a technical training will be held from the 14th to 18th of November by Damiano Giampaoli, a software engineer within the FAO.


The workshop will focus on :

  • Setting up and tuning the system.
  • Advanced training on all functions within the geoportal
  • Advanced training on statistical functions and spatial data management

See the full report here.