Our local team

Anil Pershad

Anil Pershad started as Senior Program Advisor at NIMOS, of which the REDD+ program is part. Per November 24, 2016, he is the Interim Project Coordinator for the REDD+ program in Suriname and responsible for the overall implementation of the program.

With his 25 years of experience in both the private and public sector and in community development, he has developed a broad view of development processes. His educational background in economics and business administration provide the necessary professional background to be able to manage a broad-scale program like REDD+.


Please contact Anil Pershad via: apershad@nimos.org

Santusha Mahabier

Santusha Mahabier is since November 16, 2015 involved as Technical Assistant for the REDD+ program. In this position she coordinates in particular the activities related to Pillar 2 of the REDD+ program in Suriname: the REDD+ business model and strategy.

After studying environmental sciences at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname and her first work experience as an environmental officer at a multinational, she then made the step to a more policy-oriented side of the sector. She participated in the formulation of the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) for Suriname in 2015. Her next step into the REDD+ program was then a logical one.

Santusha can be reached at: technicalassistant.redd@nimos.org 

Carmen Elliott

Carmen Elliott is the Community Liaison Officer for REDD+ since November 1, 2016. In this capacity she assists in recording the national, sectorial and local dialogues with REDD+ stakeholders; the execution of PR related activities in cooperation with the Communication Officer. She directly manages the REDD+ Assistants Liasion Officer. Her Bachelor degree in Science Education and over 8 years of experience in community development is pivotal for her daily work.

Carmen can be reached at: clo.redd@nimos.org

Sara Svensson

Sara Svensson works as REDD+ Officer for SBB. She serves as the link between SBB and NIMOS REDD+ teams, providing technical support for the development of a National Forest Monitoring System, Forest Reference Level, Safeguards and REDD+ National Strategy.

Because of her love for the forest, Sara moved to Suriname from Sweden in 2013 to work for the REDD+ for the Guiana Shield project. She previously coordinated global engagement of Major Groups and Stakeholders in the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), campaigned with youth organizations for sustainable development and actively participated in UN climate change conferences where REDD+ was negotiated. 

Sara can be contacted at: reddofficer.sbb@gmail.com 


Eric Sosrojoedo

Eric Sosrojoedo is the man that will make operations outside of the office run smoothly. Whether these are workshops, information sessions or trips in the Interior or meetings in Paramaribo. Eric has over 20 years of experience in several organizations and knows the tricks of the trade. Since March 1, 2016 he puts this knowledge in as Logistical Officer for the REDD+ program, under coordination of the NIMOS.


Eric can be reached at: logistics.redd@nimos.org

Silvia Karwafodi

Silvia Karwafodi is often the first person you speak to, when you contact REDD+. Since 11 August 2015 she is Administrative Assistant of the Project Management Unit and she organizes the office, manages the administration and stays in contact with project implementers. With a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration and her over 5 years experience in office administration, she is the center point at the REDD+ Office.

Silvia can be reached at: office.redd@nimos.org or +597 532405